Tired of government oppression and ineptitude, Thomas Blood conspires with a group of fellow rebel activists to disrupt the system in the best way they know how -- a heist. It's an incredible story with espionage, disguises, and murder - and it's all true.

In 1671, "Colonel" Blood, determined to upset the monarchy of King Charles II, undertook his most daring, and perhaps foolish, plot - stealing the Crown Jewels of England.

Based on true events, Blood is a bit of Ocean's Eleven by way of Shakespeare in Love.

Feature - History/Adventure. Read the first 15 pages here!
Jackson, a quiet-living customer service rep, has his life dramatically complicated when he dies in the middle of a gunfight. In the afterlife he learns that his soul, the record of his entire life, has been stolen and he can’t “go on” without it. With the aid of a guide, he’s sent back to track down his soul or face his own personal hell: an eternity in customer service. Now if he can just figure out who took it... It’s a whodunit of the hereafter.

DEPARTMENT OF LOST SOULS is a dramedy with romantic and supernatural elements in the vein of Defending Your Life and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Feature, 110 pages. Read the first 15 here!
Billy Morgan has travelled back through time to stop himself from discovering the secrets of time travel. When that doesn't work, he gets stuck in the present where he has to convince a judge, a shrink, his wife - and himself - that he isn't just crazy.

Futureboy is currently in post-production for a 2018 release. See the trailer here!
or visit the official website at FutureboyMovie.com

Short. Comedy/Sci-fi. Read the first 5 pages here!
Fashion designer Gloria Gilmore has become all work and no play, to the dismay of her best friend, Anna. So Anna has someone cast a spell meant to bring out Gloria’s inner child. What she gets, however, are all of Gloria’s childhood beliefs come to life. Gloria struggles with the monsters under her bed while trying to revive her dwindling career. Days Like This is a comedy in vein of Shallow Hal and Bedazzled. Feature, 110 pages.
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